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Our project team is formed by Theo Lamb, Wilco van Bemmel, June Chow and Susan Ma. While we are all from different backgrounds and play different roles, we share with each other a strong belief in the importance of local, community-serving and heritage businesses as part of the fabric and experience of Strathcona and Chinatown.


Strathcona BIA aims to support the industrial lands, foster sustainability, revitalize East Hastings Street and provide opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Our vision is for Strathcona members to thrive in a mixed-use, inclusive, resilient and prosperous local economy. We promote a strong local economy through advocacy, cultivating relationships, supporting business participation in the community, delivering innovating programs and fostering community leaders.

Dunefield has over 16 years of experience in community, economic and urban development in both Canada and the Netherlands. It is our mission to contribute to sustainable, vibrant and prosperous communities. We strongly believe that innovation, entrepreneurship and cultural identity are essential ingredients for strong communities. For us, successful development always starts with listening to make sure initiatives have strong roots in the local fabric.

Youth Collaborative for Chinatown is a network of youth doing awesome things in, for and with Vancouver’s Chinatown. Wanting to bring back the “hot and noisy” atmosphere of the community, we activate public spaces with monthly Chinatown Mahjong Socials where people come play, teach or learn mahjong and participate in activities like storytelling, lantern-making and book binding. Our approach is collaborative, culturally-based and intergenerational.


The City of Vancouver kindly provides partial funding for the project, as part of their strategy to support community-based initiatives that foster economic development, strengthen cultural identity, and protect legacy businesses and community assets in the Downtown Eastside.


We are thankful to the Chinese societies, local businesses and community stakeholders who make time for us to share their stories and perspectives so openly. We also thank Haeccity Studio Architecture for their valuable contributions and efforts to make our first pilot project a success.